Guidance & Support Session with Kiyomi
(50 minutes)

I've been in your shoes.

I've had the same thoughts, the same feelings and the same compulsions and impulses. Whenever I speak to clients, I always hear a deep sigh of relief with tears in their eyes after I say to them, "I understand", "I've had those same feelings and thoughts, too. You're capable of being in my shoes now, without ROCD, without those anxieties and obsessions holding you back from experiencing deep love."

It's almost as if their struggles and anxieties melt away and they are seeing clearly for the first time in a while.

In a 50min Guidance & Support Session, I answer YOUR burning questions. You can ask me any question or concerns you have about your experience or about my experience when I went through ROCD and other obsessions. 

Guidance & Support Session is great for you if: 

  • You are wanting quick relief to ease your worries

  • You have burning questions that you want to ask

  • You want to ask me about my personal story and hear someone say, "Me too, I understand because I've been there."

  • You want someone who understands.

  • You want compassionate guidance and to know what's next

Cost: $90/session 

Course Member Cost: $75/session

(We also understand that for some, finance can be an issue. If that is the case, we are happy to speak about a sliding scale. Because of the flexibility, we will not tolerate abuse of this system, so please be honest when approaching us about this.)

(Please also keep in mind that a guidance-support session is not therapy but is a great way to bring you immediate relief and comfort)


Coaching/ Therapy with Alexis
(50minutes - 1 hour)

I support my clients in the process of remembering their inner strengths and from that building skills together that helps us overcome internal barriers that keep us from experiencing life and love with more ease. I help my clients feel more confident on how to work with the daily experience of discomfort and transforming it to self-empowerment. In our work together we will create a safe and strong container for personal transformation through learning and remembering in the process the innate tools we have to transform and grow and experience more love, peace and joy in our lives with our partners and ultimately with ourselves. With my clients, I may use DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), Exposure Response Prevention (ERP), Trauma Informed Care, Non Violent Communication, Energy Transformation Work and Attachment Theory.

Coaching/Therapy is great for you if:

  • You are wanting to work with an ROCD/OCD specialist

  • You are wanting to overcome and get through ROCD

  • You are wanting someone who finally get it! (No more back and forth searching for someone who understands ROCD)

  • You are wanting professional support from a licensed therapist

  • You are wanting someone with expertise and strong knowledge on ROCD to take you through the obsessive and compulsive thinking and bring you to a place of clarity and peace.

  • You are looking for a diagnosis (optional)

  • You want to experience deep love with your partner

  • You want to finally get through ROCD once and for all.

Cost: $150/session (We also understand that for some, finance can be an issue. If that is the case, we are happy to speak about a sliding scale. Because of the flexibility, we will not tolerate abuse of this system, so please be honest when approaching us about this.)

Course Member Cost: (Only $120/session for your first session if you're a ROCD course member)

I went through 3 therapists before working with Alexis, and while they validated my experience, they did not help whatsoever when it came to the intense fears of rocd\hocd I was experiencing. The sad truth is there are way more therapist that are NOT truly informed on OCD than are. I definitely recommend working with Alexis or if you would rather find someone locally to keep searching, but don’t spend another minute (or dollar) with someone who won’t even validate your experience.
— Leah
I came to Alexis initially to discuss my relationship anxieties and ROCD. After a short period of time I realised that there were other issues that needed to be resolved first that would ultimately improve my relationships. The most important of these was my relationship with myself.
Alexis teaches self-empowerment showing, through a wide range of cognitive tools and meditation practices, how we can transform our negative emotions such as anxiety, sadness and anger into something much more positive - resilience, inner strength, peace, and ultimately joy.
Ive experienced huge personal growth since working with Alexis. Slowly but surely I feel I am now arriving at my ‘wholeness’...relying less and less on external events or relationships to ‘fill’ me. This is probably the most important personal achievement I’ve had to date given a lifetime of needless struggle. It’s also a huge compliment to Alexis for her work getting me there. I couldn’t recommend her any higher.

Please Note: There is currently a glitch in the calendar system. If you are wishing to schedule an appointment or consult with Alexis, please email us at support@awakenintolove.com with the title: Alexis