You Are Not Alone

The ROCD Journey

Kiyomi Fae, Founder and Creator of Awaken into Love, an online website and community takes you through her journey from when she first experienced ROCD over 10 years ago. With almost 100,000 views on YouTube and over 1,000 interactions of ROCD from around the world. Kiyomi Fae takes you through an inspiring and hopeful journey through the workings of ROCD - something that is hardly seen online.

  • Understanding ROCD and the workings behind the mind (Why it happens).

  • Why you don’t hear much about ROCD (Why the diagnosis is relatively new)

  • Why we believe it’s not an illness or a disease (What is it then?)

  • Statistics on ROCD and what we’ve seen (What types of people “get” ROCD?)

  • What Kiyomi has learned from ROCD through her own journey and through ROCD Course and Community Members.

  • Inspiration, hope and more hope!