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Kiyomi lafleur

Founder, ROCD expert & life coach

Kiyomi LaFleur is the Founder and Creator of Awaken into Love,  an online community for people who experience Relationship OCD. With over half a million views on YouTube and over 1,000+ course and community members, she dedicates her life to raising awareness on Relationship OCD, anxiety and relationships. She has experienced debilitating Relationship OCD, Hypochondria, panic disorder and general anxiety for years, and used to suffer with every thought, emotion, feeling possible. Once she overcame ROCD, she knew that she needed to be an expert in this field to help others. Kiyomi's background is in Social Work, Yoga therapy and Mindfulness based work. She has been working in the mental health profession for over 6 years. After years of extensive research, education, therapy and coaching, she has become an expert on Relationship OCD. Her mission in life is to continue being an Relationship OCD advocate and continues to educate people from all around the world on finding freedom from ROCD.

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Alexis de los santos

ROCD/ocd specialist
Professional therapist

Alexis De Los Santos is a Relationship OCD specialist and professional and licensed therapist for Awaken into Love. She has been in practice 8 years as a therapist and has worked extensively with people with ROCD. Relationships being her favorite avenues to work in, she has found great joy in working with people with Relationship OCD and has become passionate about spreading awareness and education about this under researched subject. Her excitement lies in being able to be the therapist that people go to when they've found dismay in other therapists "not understanding ROCD or what's going on". She has dedicated over thousands of hours to  therapy work in Relationship OCD, anxiety and couples work and works from people from all around the world. She also joins the ROCD Course/Community LIVE’s every Wednesday to answer Q&A's and goes over topics related to Relationship OCD. Her joy is in creating a safe and strong container for personal transformation through learning and remembering in the process the innate tools we have to transform and grow and experience more love, peace and joy in our lives with our partners and ultimately with ourselves.

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"Meeting Kiyomi was a true turning point in my life,and I can wholeheartedly say that I have never been in a better place."

- Montana

"I went through 3 therapists before working with Alexis, and while they validated my experience, they did not help whatsoever when it came to the intense fears of rocd\hocd I was experiencing. The sad truth is there are way more therapist that are NOT truly informed on OCD than are. I definitely recommend working with Alexis or if you would rather find someone locally to keep searching, but don't spend another minute (or dollar) with someone who won't even validate your experience."



"Through her patience for reaching into what my anxious heart truly needed.I’m finally realizing what it means to be whole again."

- Mira


"The chattering quieted, palpitations and stomach quivering rested.I hadn't known such peace of mind and mental contentment in years and years." 

- Alex




The rOCD checklist (10 of 20)

This checklist is a quick little guide to help you get your rOCD worries... quickly answered!

Every time a thought pops up, you can look for it in the checklist and get an explanation.