I met Kiyomi a few years ago after my insurance company referred me to the wellness boutique she was employed at. I was searching for a psychiatrist, and to be honest, was at a point of such desperation with anxiety and depression that I was quite skeptical about the effectiveness of a "wellness boutique." Looking back on those feelings now makes me feel so naive and so close minded. 

Meeting Kiyomi was a true turning point in my life, and I can wholeheartedly say that I have never been the same since. She opened my eyes and heart to different methods of spiritual healing, and showed me that my emotions are not my enemy. She listened to me and responded with love and wisdom - her wisdom has always astounded me, she is so profoundly wise beyond her years, the sort of wisdom that just begs to be shared. When she moved, a gaping hole in my heart was left behind. She is a presence that cannot be replaced, but I know that also must be shared. She has changed my entire perspective, she has healed me with her love.



I got to know Kiyomi when I was going through the toughest phase of my life by far with my fiance and the first time I spoke to her, she personified “peace”. Her attitude is simple yet powerful: everything is great just the way it is and acceptance is key to reach the calm post the storm. She exudes tranquility and that is a quality that not everyone possesses. During the worst of times, she helped me sail through just by being who she is: calm, peaceful and strong. Her guided meditation is a source of serenity and it soothes me when I hear her voice guiding me to silence the mind and take in the surroundings. Even though we live seas apart, her knowledge and wisdom which is well beyond her years has guided me in the right direction. I can safely say that she has steered me in the right direction when I was at my worst. Kiyomi’s aura exudes serenity and her words are full of wisdom, she is full of deep love which she doesn’t hesitate to share with anyone who’s in need of it. Her teachings whether through yoga or meditation or simply by talk therapy is extremely effective in healing the worst of anxious bouts and I can testify to her natural grace with which she’s so supremely blessed. I’ve never met her in person - only via internet, yet she has been an important anchor in my life, a yoga therapist, friend and a teacher in her own right.


Kiyomi really has a gift when it comes to anxiety. She has helped pull me through layers of negative thought patterns and fear. After following her advice I know I now have the skills to catch a negative thought pattern before it spirals out of control. Kiyomi showed me how to have a dialogue with my anxiety, rather than getting lost in it. I have made immense progress with my anxiety, and feel I have grown so much as a person after working with Kiyomi. Her needed wisdom brings light to a world.

Hannah H.

Kiyomi emanates a grounding, healing energy. Through her deep listening and key questions, she has helped me immensely to dissect many of my anxious tendencies and limiting beliefs. She provides solid advice to curb obsessive thinking to trasmute that energy into productive creativity. She has helped me surpass many moments in which i felt stagnant and incredibly low by recognizing my strengths and my courage in order to transform me into a more mindful, content, flowing being.


Kiyomi carries a tremendous and gifted capacity to enable wounded souls to find rest. Throughout the past years of my many restless wanderings, she’s guided me back to where I need to be grounded - in truth and in love. She’s done this in so many simple and deep ways. Through her guided breathing exercises and yoga practices, my dead spirit was awakened. Through her many counsels, my mind began to heal - clearing out the cluttering thoughts/“voices” constantly trying to pin me down. Through her patience for reaching into what my anxious heart truly needed, I’m finally realizing what it means to be whole again. And through and through, it has always been her firm kindness, persistence, and faith in my healing that kept me clinging unto hope. With my whole being, I am eternally grateful for her presence in my life. It is my prayer that more people would have the opportunity and willingness to experience what Kiyomi has so generously offered me: the hope to believe we are truly and always cherished and loved. 



It didn't take me very long to realize that I had made a life-transforming choice working with Kiyomi. We had brief encounters after each practice, and I found Kiyomi easy to know and comfortable to be with.  She offered immediate understanding and empathy concerning my anxiety. It was a time in my life when I was most discouraged, having recently received a grim diagnosis of a General Anxiety Disorder. I completed my sessions of exhilarating and mindful Yoga, but (So very impressed with Kiyomi was I ) decided to engage her for a series of private therapy get-togethers.  It wasn't long before I realized that Kiyomi possessed a rare and priceless personhood made up of wisdom, warmth, and insight.  Her loving and encouraging nature enabled me to form a connection through which together we explored dissected and eventually tamed my "monkey mind".

The chattering quieted, palpitations and stomach quivering rested. I hadn't known such peace of mind and mental contentment in years and years.  Because of Kiyomi's calm and gentle guidance, support and encouragement, I managed to return to work again, which added dramatically to my life fulfillment.  Kiyomi believed in me and showed me the path that led from crippling anxiety to wholeness.

Kiyomi as therapist, guide and teacher, led me lovingly from a life of dysfunction and distraction to  fullness and stillness.  She has helped me quiet the demons of torment and angst.   She is possessed of all the unique gifts essential to therapeutic effectiveness, especially as it relates to the scourge of chronic anxiety.  Kiyomi is surely one of "The Best and Brightest" in her field.   Her humanistic approach, encompassing love and warm comforting connection to her clients is highly beneficial to the promotion of healing of heart and soul.  


Kiyomi has, and continues to be such a huge blessing in my life. Being an anxious person who often struggles to trust others, finding the right person to work with has been extremely important to me.  Kiyomi has always made me feel nothing but comfortable in our work together. With a special energy, she radiates the warmth and kindness of a dear friend while offering the support and guidance of a trained professional. One of my favourite things about Kiyomi is her incredible ability to completely normalize whatever I’m struggling with, which helps make my experience that much less scary. Beyond that, Kiyomi is extremely skilled in providing gentle guidance whilst teaching manageable yet incredibly impactful tools and practices to help navigate life’s challenges. To anyone considering working with Kiyomi I simply can’t recommend her enough. I am beyond grateful to her for the difference she has made in my life.



I never believed in my ability to beat anxiety. I didn’t even want to accept that i had anxiety about my partner to begin with. I spent countless days doubting, crying, and wallowing in my own self pity. I remember when I first came across Kiyomi's story. How young she was, yet how brave as well, which was exactly what I needed to hear. I remember contacting her and begging for help and answers. I had fallen deep into despair. “How am i going to do this?” “I can’t do this” “I don’t want to do this”. All phrases my fragile soul knows all too well. Kiyomi’s kind wisdom lifted me up and comforted me in the way a mom’s warm soup would when your down with a cold. Her kind words were the soothing balm my mind so desperately craved. It’s as if she grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the light of acceptance. Acceptance of my thoughts, my emotions, and my anxiety as a whole. Because of her, I’ve come to truly accept my partner and the obsessions i've had toward him in a different light. I cannot thank her enough.



Kiyomi, thank you so much for you help this year, you have no idea how appreciative I am of you! I prayed for courage and strength to look for doors of help , and that’s when I found you! You changed my life, I am where I am right now thanks to you!



Kiyomi, you really don’t know how much you have helped me. I honestly do not know where I would be right now if it wasn’t for your wonderful techniques and mindfulness teachings. I just want to thank YOU for all the amazing hard work you’ve put in for the membership ( and the new one to come ) as it’s brought such awareness for people like myself. To go to sleep at night knowing that there is actual light at the end of the tunnel, even in my darkest of places, is all because of you :) 



Before working with Kiyomi I would find the inner work I was doing quite overwhelming, I felt alone and like I had no one to talk to who understood. However Kiyomi has been through everything I was going through so she has been able to guide me through the work so that it feels more manageable which has allowed me to gain perspective on the obsessive thoughts I was having toward my partner. Kiyomi has offered such insightful ways on how to view certain things that I have struggled with which has allowed me to pass through those struggles more quickly. In addition to this she always goes above and beyond her duty, sending me helpful articles and encouraging texts in between session, having her wise guidance has helped me greatly. 



Kiyomi has a strong understanding over rOCD and anxiety and has an ability to bring you out of the anxious mind and back to the present moment with a few words. Each time we have a conversation, I find myself inspired and excited for new possibilities. I couldn't recommend her highly enough as a coach and mentor!



When I was in the throes of my rOCD I worked with a very special person who helped me immensely throughout my transition. Every time I’ve talked to Kiyomi, she’s helped me see things in a different perspective and helped me breathe into whatever thought and/or emotion I was having at the time. She always had a way with words that brought me back to reality and made me realize what my thoughts were, and that was fear. She normalizes fear as it’s just another emotion that passes through you and also reminded me everything is a choice in life, that there are gifts behind your emotions and beliefs. Kiyomi LaFleur is one of the most loving, caring, wisest woman I know. This wonderful soul has led me to the most loving decisions I could have made for myself and that was to love myself and marry my now husband. 



One of the biggest struggles in my life was when I experienced high periods of anxiety and depression in my intimate relationship. While I was desperate to get back to my normal life, I did not have the right tools to help get me there. Kiyomi was one of the few people who was able to help me get through these trying times. Her techniques and ability to rationalize with my anxious thoughts was a big step for me in changing my perception and well-being. I thank her for being a mentor, and then through this healing process, becoming a great friend.