A Therapist Who Understands ROCD? Meet Alexis!!!

I'll be honest. Back in the day... finding a therapist who understood ROCD was difficult for me. It was almost as if I was triggering myself every time I was looking for a professional.

"Do you work with ROCD?" I would ask.

Many times, they would shake their head no.

Or they would say, "What is that? Maybe you should just leave your relationship."... and I was triggered and back into obsessive thinking.

With that being said, i have really exciting news!!!

I've teamed up with an incredible, registered therapist and licensed counselor, Alexis.

... and we are here to bring you support and our love to help you through the obsessive, compulsions that you experience toward your partner, and about anything else you experience in your life! 

In this video, we go over a couple of Q&A's on ROCD. 

1) Why do you feel that talking about ROCD and love, especially right now, is so important? (1:16)

2) Do I need to leave my partner in order to get through ROCD? (3:34)

3) I've had ROCD for such a long time. Am I doomed to be like this forever? (4:32)

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